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From Darren B. (accredited service dog 'Lizzie')

Service Dog Teams

Testimonial & Thank You Letter From Service Dog Team TSD0702 William & Lizzie - Accredited By Trainer Toni In North Carolina On June 3rd

"I apologize for the delay with getting back with you. I am a bit overwhelmed as my daughter is graduating high school this week. It was awesome Lizzie was able to "graduate" during the same timeframe. It will make the celebration that much better. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate everything you are doing to support Veterans. Toni is an amazing trainer. I was fortunate enough to have worked with her with Lizzie prior to entering the Service Dog Training. It seemed to be very beneficial as Lizzie was used to working with her. Toni's professionalism and training techniques should be commended. I look forward to continuing to work with Toni and assist in any way I possibly am able. I do not have a Purple Heart but I will get the survey back as soon as possible. Please let me know if you need anything from me or if I can be of assistance in any way. Thanks again."

From Carole & Nick Young:

"If you are looking for a upbeat, positive, can-do, outcomes-oriented pet trainer...look no further than Toni Lipscomb.  She took our 4 month-old "spirited" Golden Retriever and was able to teach us how to bring him under control, change his behavior and help him mature.  There was no punishments...only endless positive motivation with treats and high-pitched voices encouraging our pup to behave correctly, respond appropriately and stop being "annoying".  Toni has a positive mannerism that teaches the owners how to motivate and encourage their dogs.  The dogs respond well to her and subsequently to the owners.  We were truly amazed at the remarkable changes in our Golden (and ourselves) after 4 lessons.  Many claim to know how dogs think.  Toni Lipscomb truly does understand dogs and knows how to "talk" to them where they respond in a very positive manner."

Have a great summer!
Carole & Nick

Nick and Carole - Buddy's Graduation Day

Hershey Ray

From SSG (Retired) Desmarais, Raymond A

In this day and age, the misconception of the bully breeds has been brought to light. Miss. Toni has the tools, knowledge, and fortitude to work and read any breed that I have seen her work with.

As a combat veteran, I have first hand experience on her positive reinforcement practices. She saved The life of my dog Hershey, which in turn saved my life. She trained me to train Hershey, Most importantly has improved my quality of life.

Miss. Toni has inspired me so much, that I now volunteer with her to help other veterans train their dogs. Paying it forward if you will.

Words can not express how much I am thankful for your leadership, knowledge, and friendship.

SSG (Retired) Desmarais, Raymond A